Character Model- plans for further development


For the most part, I am pretty happy with this model, but there are some things I would like to enhance/fix to feel that it is complete and ready to use as part of a full ‘showreel’ production. Probably easiest to list these in point form-

  • integration of the shoulder through the chest – I need to somehow re-run the geometry from the shoulder down into the chest so that these body parts are more integrated. When Ava lifts her arm it should pull vertices from the chest area upwards.
  • A more complete eyelid solution – I would like to start using blendShapes for eye blinks. This requires eyelid geometry that will deform well. This is not the case as yet.
  • A shirt that is more ‘cowboy’ –  I would like her to be wearing a shirt that buttons right down the front with press studs.
  • The belt on her waist is currently integrated into the main geometry, this was a quick fix rather than a permanent solution. I need the belt to be a separate object.
  • Details – although details are less important than form and structure, there are still plenty of accessories that will enhance a character like this. Here are some extras that I am planning to build and add: belt loops, holster and guns, spurs on boots, filigree detail on boots, scarf around neck, skull and crossbones belt buckle.

I look forward this having this complete for further and more complex rigging in the new year.


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