Animation – Assessment 1- Process Diary – Week 4 – Part 2

This week we started to look at weight and balance. Each member of the class got out in front and picked up a heavy suitcase. We studied the subtleties of the weight transfer and balance and how everyone did it slightly differently.
For homework, we each had to find video reference of someone lifting a heavy weight, then study the movements and key frames and use it as a reference for a simple 3D animation. The idea being to pick out 6 key frames at the extremes of the action.
I found a classic reference of a proud Kashmiri man who lifts stone blocks. What I loved about him is that once the lift is complete, he throws his arm out in a very theatrical and flamboyant way. I thought this might be a funny thing to replicate.
I bought some screen shot reference into photoshop and started to play around finding the right keyframes of the action. I made some simple drawings of what I saw to be the extremes then played with the timing to make it flow as best as an animation that only has 6 keyframes can. The key to this one in particular was the change in curve in the mans back from a reverse C- shape to a C-shape. I accentuated this a lot, especially in the final frame. The last polish was to set a slight delay before the final arm gesture- ANTICIPATION!
Here is the gif-

My intention will be to animate package man using these frames as reference.


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