Animation – Assessment 1- Process Diary – Week 11

This week, again working with our class ‘standard’ walk cycle we started on the 2nd animation pass.
This was mostly about getting feedback from classmates and the lecturer and making more targeted refinements. The first things I noticed was that the toes were penetrating the floor slightly while moving through the passing position. Even with the use of plateau tangents on the feet, this can still happen due to the x rotations. So the feet needed to be lifted slightly in Y.
We also looked at timing and spacing in more detail.
Timing can be referred to as ‘the time it takes to move from one pose to another’ while the spacing is more like what happens in between those poses – like ease in and outs. Our timing was more or less done already- I knew how long the cycle should take determining the speed of the walk. Its the changing of tangents that changes the spacing and this can bring alot of personality to animation.
We did an experiment making the spacing inconsistent and asymmetrical through the cycle to imitate a limp. If someone has a sore ankle, knee or foot they will move quicker through the passing position with the opposing leg to reduce the time that the weight is on the bad side.
So at this ‘2nd pass of animation’ stage, we can use the shaping of tangents to effect the flow and personality of the action.
I noticed that the hips rotations of my character where very constant in speed which was reducing the amount of character in the walk. I liked the ‘type’ of movement, this had been firmly established in the previous passes, but I needed to change the dynamic of that movement, adding ease in’s and out’s by making the tangents more S-shaped and adding interest to the walk.
The other aspect I worked on today was to add ‘pre and post infinity’ to all the controls. Sometimes tangents need adjusting after you do this to make sure the flow in and out of the the ‘cycle’ is smooth. It is easy to see by viewing the dotted line and making sure there are no harsh breaks in the tangency.


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