Week 1 – Particle exercise

Homework exercise is to rebuild the chair from particles and have some kind of field interact with the particle chair.
The idea that springs to mind is to have a simple gravity force that will collapse the chair to the ground like it is made from dust.
Here are the steps I arrived at to achieve the final result:
• Rather than have the chair all collapse at once, I extract out each chair section as a separate geometry piece.
• Then for each piece of geometry I emit particles from surface with zero speed so that they stick, ending up with 5 different particle nodes.
• I create 5 gravity fields so that each can contribute to just one component of the chair, making it topple one section at at a time from the ground up.
• I make a dynamic relationship from each gravity field to just one particle node I want it to effect.
• I animate the magnitude on each gravity field to zero at frame 1, then have the magnitude quickly ramp up to 9.8 at the corresponding frame that I want that section to collapse.

That basically got me the result I was after. But it looked a bit boring that the particle just fall off into space. I wanted them to collect on the floor in a pile.
The way I decided to do this was to have a nurbs plane as the ground and to make it a collision object.
Then I needed to tweak the ‘resilieance’ attribute on the geoconnector and the ‘bounciness’ and ‘static friction’ attributes on the rigid body to get the particles to interact and bounce as they collide with the floor.
Most of this was through guess-work and testing so I have probably done this the hard way but I have leaned a few things along the way 🙂
Here it playblast –


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